Arthritis diet: 7 foods to avoid if you suffer painful symptoms


4. Fizzy Beverages & Sugary Foods

Much like coffee, consuming sugar-loaded treats and fizzy beverages tends to increase the acidity within the blood, which worsens the symptoms, particularly inflammation.

It is best to consume healthier beverages, such as pure water, herb teas, and fresh fruit juices, which can be half diluted with fruit and half with water.

However, it is advisable to steer clear of orange juice as it can be extremely acidic. If you find it difficult to control those unavoidable pangs for sugary treat, pick out Quest Nutra Pharma’s Ecquigluco, it aids in regulating and normalizing blood glucose levels.

Is Flavored Sparkling Water Bad For You

5. Excessive Consumption of Wheat and Dairy Products

When our immune system negatively reacts to a substance in the food we consumed, food intolerances or allergies tend to occur, and they are the most commonly risk factor that leads to the development of inflammation.

Most patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis complain of worsened joint pain after consuming too much dairy and wheat.

It is extremely common for patients who have a wheat intolerance to also suffer an exacerbated joint pain, and most patients report that consuming healthier alternatives to wheat and wheat-based products actually helped in reducing the joint pain and inflammation.

Wheat Rheumatoid Arthritis



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