9 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes


8. Bread

Consuming a rich dose of carbohydrates throughout the day is the worst habit a diabetic person could have as they are extremely damaging for those with constantly fluctuating blood pressure levels. If you’re fond of consuming refined and heavily processed breads, you are adding an extremely high dose of carbs to your diet. The key is to eliminate your consumption of bread at home, and even when you eat out on rare occasions, be sure to send the bread basket back where it came from.

Instead of heavy processed and refined breads, pick out a healthy whole-grain bread that will serve as a much healthier and safer option as whole grains satiate hunger and they take more time being digested by the body. Be sure to pick out bread varieties that are sprouted or made with whole grains, and for that, you need to scan the ingredients list on the bread label, and ensure that whole grain are the very first item on the list.

Healthy Bread For Diabetics

9. Soda

There is an abundance of scientific evidence that directly associates the consumption of sodas with obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and countless other health ailments, of which, diabetes tends to be the greatest concern. Experts believe that sodas are the most dangerous food item that all diabetic patients must religiously avoid because of their frighteningly high concentration on sugar and blood-sugar-spiking carbs.

Soda For Diabetics

One single 12-ounce can of Coca Cola can brim your body with a whopping 39 grams of sugar, and according to the American Heart Association, all healthy individuals must keep their entire daily sugar consumption less than 36 grams. Let that sink in for a moment.

Moreover, the fact that liquids tend to be consumed much more fastly as compared to most food items, and chugging down large glasses of soda throughout the day is the worst and yet the easiest way to cause an overload of carbs and refined sugars in your body. Naturally, this overload will only lead to increasingly heightened blood sugar levels, and aggravate diabetic symptoms. Keep in mind that even bottled tea varieties and sports drinks are also loaded with sugar, and hence, must be avoided at all costs.



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