9 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes


4. French Fries

Who doesn’t love French fries? We all do, and that makes us ignore the fact that starchy veggies, such as corn and potatoes, are loaded with high concentrations of carbohydrates, which is why we must eat them mindfully and in limited portions.

When you use these starchy potatoes to create oil-soaked French fries, you further multiply their carbohydrate concentration and raise your risk factors for several health ailments along with aggravate diabetic symptoms with regular consumption.

Research reveals that a medium-sized portion of fries from McDonald’s provide 44 grams of carbs, while the medium fries at Wendy’s provide 55 grams of carbs. Instead of oily French fries, kale and zucchini fries present a much healthier alternative.

French Fries and Diabetes

5. Store-bought Pie

All popular and lovingly bought store-made dessert foods, including brownies, cakes, cookies and pies, are made with highly processed and refined grains, along with heaps of sugar, which makes them powerhouses of carbohydrates. What’s worse is the fact that all our favourite store-bought treats and desserts tend to be loaded with harmful trans fats, which further aggravate the symptoms of diabetes, along with bringing about other unhealthy changes within the body, including obesity.

Patients suffering from diabetes tend to have a much higher risk of suffering from heart disease, and trans fat not only leads to obesity that worsens the diabetic symptoms, but they also increase total and LDL or bad cholesterol levels, and reduce the healthy HDL cholesterol levels. So, be sure to eliminate all your store-bought dessert cravings and trans fats, and replace them with healthy homemade fruity desserts.

Store Bought Pie Crust



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