9 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have Diabetes


2. Fruit Juice

Bottled fruit juice varieties may seem like a healthier alternative to a can of soda, but do not let the fruit images on the label deceive you. Not just diabetic patients, but in fact, every single individual should avoid fruit juices, because truth be told, there is really no difference between devouring sugar from sodas or energy drinks and these bottled fruit juices.

Both are equally unhealthy and devoid of essential nutrients. Research reveals that all our favourite and popular store-bought juices, including Tropicana and Florida’s Natural, pack up a frightening concentration of 33 grams of sugar. Instead of loading up on unnecessary carbs and sugar-loaded calories, why not treat yourself to a tall glass of sugar-free and freshly made strawberry juice at home?

Fruit Juice For Diabetes

3. Donuts and Bagels

Most patients suffering with diabetes tend to believe that sugar is the real culprit behind their rapidly rising blood sugar levels, but according to experts, carbohydrates are even more dangerous and the real underlying cause of fluctuating blood sugar. In order to control your diabetic symptoms effectively, you need to develop the habit of scanning the ingredients list for both, the sugar content and total carbohydrate content before you buy any kind of product.

If you can’t seem to start your morning without guzzling down a donut or a bagel, keep in mind that they are loaded with processed and refined grains, which happen to be the greatest sources of blood sugar raising-carbs.

Statistics from research show us that all our favourite donut and bagel varieties from popular fast-food chains tend to hoard up alarming concentrations of calories. For instance, the plain old fashioned donut from Dunkin Donuts packs up an alarming 28 grams of carbohydrates, which is exactly the same amount we consume from an 8.5 ounces serving of Coca Cola.

Diabetic Donuts

Moreover, the maple vanilla crème donut, which we all adore, loads up 43 grams of carbohydrates, and the seemingly harmless plain Einstein Bros. bagel packs up a frightening amount of 56 grams of carbohydrates.



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