7 Foods Missing From Your Healthy Diet

Certain dietary myths and popular weight busting diets preach us horridly fallacious facts about some amazingly powerful superfoods, and make us eliminate them from our diet. Foods like white potatoes, cheese, dark chocolate and eggs, are given a bad name and that deprives us of essential nutrients that are important for the success of any healthy meal plan, be it for weight loss or a wholesome lifestyle.

Don’t concentrate your energies on what you shouldn’t eat, instead, think about all the essential nutrients that your diet lacks and try to make up for their deficiency. You must enjoy the taste of all the foods you enjoy, but be sure to substitute calorie-rich and unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones.

7 Foods Missing From Your Healthy Diet

Here are 7 amazingly healthy foods that pack heaps of nutrients, and deserve to be an essential part of your wholesome lifestyle:

1. Nuts

Contrary to popular belief that claims that nuts tend to trigger weight gain, they are actually extremely healthy varieties amongst nuts that trigger weight loss, by filling you up with healthy fats and energy. Nuts such as almonds, pistachio, and walnuts are packed with protein, and healthy fats.

Healthiest nuts for weight loss

However, be sure to pick out small portions of mixed nuts, which should be no more than a handful. And make sure you don’t keep an entire bag or jar of nuts on your desk or in the kitchen because that triggers overeating.