7 Cancer Prevention Tips for Your Diet


Having a proper and right meal can reduce the risk of developing cancer. There is a huge similarity between the nutrition guidelines of cancer prevention and other diseases like diabetes and heart disease etc.

By following these general health tips; one can reduce the chances of cancer. You just need to do a little bit change in your food choices.

1. Keep a Healthy Weight

Overweight or obesity is one of the reasons among many other reasons of cancer-related deaths. It has been estimated that there is always at least one case among every other five cases where a person dies of cancer and the reason for cancer used to be overweight but the thing which is still unclear is that the relation between cancer and obesity is still undiscovered.

The general theory which most of the doctors think can be a reason is weight in the stomach is mostly connected with an additional risk of colorectal cancer, cancers of pancreas, uterus and even breast postmenopausal women.

Surgical Weight Loss

There are many other cancers as well which are related to overweight. Some of them are:

  • Esophageal
  • Rectal
  • Kidney
  • Thyroid
  • Gallbladder
  • Live
  • Ovarian
  • Prostate



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