6 Everyday Mistakes That Are Yellowing Your Teeth


6. You Chug Coffee All Day Long

Being a coffee fiend and consuming caffeine throughout the day can cause severe harm to your teeth, and excessive intake always undermines the health benefits that coffee tends to provide when consumed with moderation.

Your favourite pick-me-up beverage can be extremely hard on your oral health because taking more than three cups of coffee brings the enamel layer of the teeth in constant exposure to staining agents.

The enamel layer protects the teeth and it is porous, which allows the stains to permeate the layer and lead to the emergence of yellowness if you fail to brush and rinse your teeth properly.

Teeth Whitening and Coffee

Keep in mind that the quantity of coffee consumed is not the problem, but in fact, it is actually the way you sip your coffee that can lead to damage.

Experts believe that drinking your coffee fastly or with the help of a straw can help decrease the exposure of staining agents by making sure they don’t linger in your mouth much longer.


  1. My teeth is naturally off-white or cream, Buh I wanna whiten it or make it brighter. Please where should I start from?


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