6 Everyday Mistakes That Are Yellowing Your Teeth


2. You Consume too Many Acidic Fruits & Veggies

Consuming an excessive amount of acid fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, vinegar, pineapples, citric fruits and juices, sports drinks, carbonated vegetables and even some vinegar-based salad dressings can cause your teeth serious harm. You see, much like acidic mouthwashes, acidic fruits, vegetables and other food items can cause the tooth enamel to thin out and get damaged.

However, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate all these food items from your diet because even acidic foods pack up health benefits. The key is to consume with moderation, and be sure to sip some water while consuming these acidic foods and beverages.

Teeth Whitening Diet

Experts believe that consuming more water can help prevent the staining agents to come into contact with your teeth, so be sure to drink lots of water when consuming foods like, blueberries, black coffee, red wine, and dark teas.

3. You’re brushing too fastly and aggressively.

Brushing with a little too much enthusiasm that borders on aggressive tends to be more harmful than beneficial. Now, it’s always healthy to maintain a consistent and regular brushing and flossing regime, but if you are exerting more speed and pressure on your teeth under the pretext of maintaining healthy gums, teeth and mouth, you can cause some serious damage to your teeth.

Brushing Teeth Right After Eating

And this damage can accelerate if your toothpaste is made with certain abrasive agents and potentially harmful ingredients that have not been approved by the American Dental Association.

Brushing too aggressively and too often than necessary can cause the thin and delicate enamel layer to wear off, and this exposes the gentle dentin layer to the aggressive strokes of your brush, putting you at risk of incurring mouth and gum injuries.


  1. My teeth is naturally off-white or cream, Buh I wanna whiten it or make it brighter. Please where should I start from?


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