22 Foods Dermatologists Say to Eat for Better Skin


21. Pomegranates

These juicy red delights are loaded with an incredibly high concentration of protective polyphenols, which fight off the attacks of free radicals and aid in regulating the blood flow to the skin, resulting in a radiant and supple glow. You must add pomegranate seeds to your daily diet in order to give your body a powerful boost of fiber, you can add these satiating and colourful seeds into salads, sauces, desserts, desserts, smoothies and appetizers.

Pomegranates are a splendid pick to treat your sweet tooth as opposed to most processed treats that contain added sugar. These ripe fruits are loaded with natural sugars, which hold beneficial health properties.

Pomegranate For Hair Regrowth

22. Dark Chocolate

Here’s an amazing news for chocolate lovers: dark chocolate, when consumed in mindful moderation, is splendidly good for boosting the health of the skin, and defying the signs of aging by firming up the cell. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavanols, incredibly powerful antioxidants that fight off free radicals that attack skin cells and steal away your radiance.

Make sure you pick out dark chocolate varieties that contain at least 70% or more cacao. High concentration cacao dark chocolates contain the highest density of flavanols, and very little sugar, which is extremely damaging for the health of the skin. Be sure to avoid sugar-loaded milk chocolates and other sugary treats.

Pure Dark Chocolate Benefits


  1. Thanku, I regularly used to eat these kind of food but I m not getting rid from acne completely… I also have a acne marks on my face what do I do….

  2. Can I apply avocados directly onto my skin? or make mixture of two or more ingredients and apply directly on scars?


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