14 Arthritis Home Remedies That Doctors Strongly Recommend


12. Gift your body a massage

A massage from a professional masseuse is quite possibly the best thing you can gift your body to make sure all the tension from your muscles has been released. Massage helps regulate circulation amongst your muscles, and it also reduces the spasms induced by protective overuse. You should also learn to self-massage at home to really soften up tense muscles and save money.

Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

13. Heat things up

Warm compresses, saunas, steam rooms, paraffin baths, or any kind of warm soak in your own tub with lots of steam can really help drive out stiffness from your muscles and reduce your pain.

Warm Up - Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Side Effects

14. Rejuvenate your joints with glucosamine chondroitin

Glucosamine chondroitin helps bring about marked improvements in the cartilage surface present within your joints, and eliminate the inflammation. You can always consume it in the form of a supplement, or you can add more organ meats and seafood to your diet to obtain them from a natural source.

Glucosamine and Arthritis Treatment

It never fails to amaze how easy it is to actually relieve yourself of the pain and reduce the symptoms of these life challenging ailments like arthritis. So, forget about spending thousands of dollars on expensive pain resistance treatments, and start trying these easy and simple home remedies.


  1. I have osteo, rhuematiod and poly arthritis, I am not able to walk. I have found the best thing for my hands is playing my guitar, banjo and uke. The best for my lower leg pain is acupuncture, sleeping is medical marijuana. I can’t have hip, knee or any joint replacement because my immune system is so weak. This is good advice anything is worth a try. My grandkids built raised bed garden boxes I can use from my mobility scooter. I started a website, I garden, play music, I’m restoring an old boat and I raise worms. I believe the answer is to stay busy, stay engaged with life and there is no room for self pity. I will never walk again, but I created a job for myself. It’s a matter of attitude and mind set.

  2. Thank you for the useful information and follow this beautiful subject and values and I hope the health and disability and we will give you Mangd of useful information in the future, God willing

  3. I have arthritis in my hip i tried hip injection but it doesn’t get much better I have a hard time sleeping marijuana helps me sleep, I’ve found this information helpful

  4. Hi I have spinal stenosis, diagnosed beginning of this year ,I since have had three ops to releave the pressure two in my lower lumber because the first got infected and the third in my neck t-1-2 been in recovery mode for two months and still have symptoms

  5. Would like infomation on degenerative disc help, buldging discipline middle of back, lumber L4,5 operation. CAN they fix both,surgery, at same time?

  6. Here is a tea mix I drink daily. If you want to get rid of inflammation, build your immune system, eliminate many aches and pains, balance your blood pressure, balance your blood sugars and so much more, then begin drinking this tea.
    Here is the list:
    dandelion root
    dandelion leaf
    milk thistle
    dried shitake mushroom (break it into small pieces)
    burdock root
    These 9 herbs are the basic mix. Mix it all together and use a heaping tablespoon with 3-4 cups of water. Add a half teaspoon each of powdered ginger & turmeric. Drink at least 6 cups a day. Very easy to do.
    I also add reishi mushroom, prickly pear, fennel, milk vetch (astragalus).You can add these if you want, all are very good for your body.
    The tea tastes great and you can add honey to it or mint, it’s your choice. If you can’t get all the herbs at once, start with what you can get. If nothing else, then begin with nettles and fenugreek.


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