12 Foods With Super-Healing Powers


10. Spinach

Anyone who’s watched Pop-eye the Sailor Man knows that spinach is essential to build up one’s strength, but how familiar are we with all its wondrous nutrient properties?

Research reveals that spinach is not only good for energizing the body and keeping us active, but moreover, it is also essential for the optimal functioning of our brain. It shields our eye against all possible vision loss and sight impairing diseases. And it also aids the body in eliminating and preventing the symptoms of several types of cancers, mainly prostate, breast and colon cancers.

Spinach also shields our heart against all kinds of damage, attacks and strokes, along with reducing and regulating our blood pressure levels. Spinach is vital for the health of our bone structure, and its strong anti-inflammatory profile eliminates all signs of bloating from the body. Furthermore, spinach is also excellent for elevating the mood and reducing the symptoms of dementia.

Spinach is brimming with a powerful density of countless nutrients, such as Vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, folate, iron and magnesium. Research reveals that spinach contains a carotenoid that holds the wondrous ability to not only eliminate prostate cancer cells, but also prevent them from multiplying.

Several studies have highlighted that folate consumed through spinach enhances the health of the vascular system by reducing the levels of an amino acid, called homocysteine, which tends to increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular dysfunction and dementia every time its levels increase. Moreover, folate also plays a detrimental role in lowering the risk of contracting breast, colorectal and ovarian cancer, as it aids the body in preventing and blocking the uncontrollable growth of cancerous cells.

Another study revealed that spinach-derived beta-carotene and vitamin C shields the body against the signs of colon cancer, along with enhancing the health of the brain, and eliminating all signs of inflammation.

Spinach is undoubtedly one of the richest sources of vitamin K, all you need is one cooked cup of spinach to load up 1,111% of your daily dosage requirement of this essential vitamin. It aids the body in strengthening our bone structure by allowing calcium to stay locked within our bones.

The Spinach Diet

Spinach also packs up a generously rich density of lutein, an incredible nutrient that shields the body from age-induced macular degeneration, along with clearing up clogged arteries and walls by eliminating all traces of a cholesterol build-up, which also prevents the onset of a heart attack.

How should you eat it?

You must add up fresh spinach to all your meals, or at least one of your daily meals. You can buy it from anywhere regardless of your region, for this veggie is widely available throughout the year, and you can easy grow it in your own garden as well. Spinach is the most versatile green veggie, and you can devour it in countless delicious treats, you can steam it, grill it, fry it, sauté it or eat it raw if you like.

Spinach smoothies are a splendid trick to stay energized all day long, and the best part is, they also help fight obesity and loose those unwanted pounds protruding from the belly. Add in a couple bananas, berries and coconut milk to enhance the taste.


  1. How should you eat it?

    Kale is an amazingly healthy food and you must eat it as much as you can. Make it a constant fixture in your daily diet, and be sure to pick out fresh organic varieties from your nearest farmer’s market or grocery stores. This delicious cruciferous veggie is available throughout the year, except a few months in summer, which you can spend enjoying other leafy greens and cruciferous veggies.

    You can devour it raw, make deliciously crispy kale chips, steam it and add it to your salads, or sauté it with herbs and toss it into a vegetable stew or a hot bowl of soup. It’s a good idea to tenderize kale leaves with cooking, and you can also add them into your vegetable juices and smoothies.


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