12 Foods With Super-Healing Powers


6. Broccoli

Broccoli is definitely one of the healthiest foods offered by nature, and all it takes is one cup of steamed broccoli to brim us up with over 200% of our daily dosage requirement of vitamin C, which far greater than the nutrient density found in oranges. It also provides 50% of our daily requirement of vitamin A, heaps of vitamin K, vitamin B, folate, sulfur, fiber, iron and countless other nutrients. With very few traces of calories, broccoli is packed with protective phytonutrients, and protein, nearly twice the amount of protein derived from a large-sized steak.

Research reveals that the phytochemicals found in broccoli aid the body in fighting cancer by detoxifying carcinogens, and speeding up their exit from the body. They also prevent the formation of tumors that is caused by chemical carcinogens. There are countless studies that validate the claim that broccoli and its nutrient profile aids in the prevention of several cancers, such as gastrointestinal, Esophageal, and lung cancers. Chinese medication and herbalists use broccoli to treat severe cases of eye inflammation.

Chicken Rice and Broccoli Diet

Broccoli is brimming with indoles, a type of phytonutrients that aid in shielding our body against the attacks of various cancers, primarily gastric, cervical, breast, prostate and skin cancers. Further research reveals that indoles also shield the structure of DNA against the attacks of free radicals, and works wonders at eliminating the risk of prostate cancer. Several researchers have linked the consumption of broccoli with a 20% reduction of the risk of developing heart ailments.

How should you eat it?

It is ideal to add broccoli to your daily meals and eat as much as you can throughout the day. You can cook it, steam, fry or even grill as both cooked and raw broccoli will enrich your body with countless nutrients and a flavourful crisp. However, keep in mind that deep frying or cooking often lowers the anticancer properties found in broccoli so it’s better to eat them with very light steaming.

You can enjoy this nutrient-rich veggie throughout the year and be sure to buy it fresh. Frozen broccoli is not a bad substitute, but it’s best if you pick up your broccoli and all other veggies from an organic farmer’s market to avoid pesticide residue in your diet. Always steam or cook it light as it allows the release of maximum sulforaphane, a highly beneficial antioxidant found in broccoli.

7. Guavas

Guavas are a tiny tropical delight, which can be in a pear-like shape, rounded or oval shape. They can be slightly rare to find, depending on the region where you live, however, if they are common every day you must eat as many as you possibly can. Research reveals that guavas are brimming with potent antioxidant, lycopene, which has a mighty powerful cancer-fighting profile and the ability to enhance the immune system.

Guavas are the richest source of lycopene amongst all other fruits and veggies, and they are much healthier than tomatoes. You see, it’s harder for the body to process the lycopene obtained from raw tomatoes, and the entire processing cycle causes breakage in even the toughest of cell walls. But the unique cell structure of guavas does not require cooking to allow the absorption of antioxidants. Besides, guavas are far more nutritious than sodium-rich processed tomato sauces, chips and other products.

Countless studies highlight that lycopene shields our healthy cells against the attacks of free radicals, which cause various types of damage throughout the body, for instance, nervous system ailments, joint degeneration, cancer and even blocked arteries. Several researchers have directly associated the consumption of lycopene with reduced risks of prostate cancer.

A recent study examined the diets of men suffering from prostate tumors, and the results revealed that those who consumed lycopene supplements and foods experienced remarkable improvements. For instance, they experienced a lower malignancy of the symptoms, and the tumors also got smaller.

Several other studies have revealed lycopene as the most essential nutrient that prevents the growth of breast cancer cells, and many others have also suggested that lycopene prevents and eliminates the symptoms of the coronary heart disease.

Guava Leaves Drink Health Benefits

This tiny tropical fruit is brimming with countless other antioxidants and heaps of vitamin C. What’s even more astonishing is the fact that one serving of a guava provides 60% more potassium than one banana. Naturally, it offers greater protection to reduce the risk of heart ailments and strokes. Moreover, guavas have been scientifically proven to reduce bad or LDL cholesterol levels and increase good or HDL cholesterol levels.

Guavas also reduce the amount of triglycerides, along with aiding the body in lowering and regulating blood pressure levels.

How should you eat it?

Make a habit of eating at least one-two guavas every day. Be sure to pick out fresh guavas from your nearest farmer’s market or your local grocery store. However, it is wise to steer clear of sweetened and processed guava juices and products, because they don’t contain half the nutrition found in a fresh guava.

You can find red fleshed guava varieties and white-flesh apple guavas, both of these are loaded with antioxidants, so feel free to devour whichever you come across.


  1. How should you eat it?

    Kale is an amazingly healthy food and you must eat it as much as you can. Make it a constant fixture in your daily diet, and be sure to pick out fresh organic varieties from your nearest farmer’s market or grocery stores. This delicious cruciferous veggie is available throughout the year, except a few months in summer, which you can spend enjoying other leafy greens and cruciferous veggies.

    You can devour it raw, make deliciously crispy kale chips, steam it and add it to your salads, or sauté it with herbs and toss it into a vegetable stew or a hot bowl of soup. It’s a good idea to tenderize kale leaves with cooking, and you can also add them into your vegetable juices and smoothies.


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