The 10 Worst Foods For Weight Loss


9. Corn & Tortilla Chips

GMOS, or genetically modified foods have taken over the market and the hearts of foodies all over the world, but we must realize that the corn we are eating is extremely damaging to our health. You see, corn is one of the most common genetically modified foods available in markets worldwide, and since it is loaded with alarming amounts of sugar, it is capable of causing several blood sugar imbalances and spikes.

Moreover, it also promotes the storage of fats and rapid weight gain, along with severe irritability, unexplainable mood swings, and several other disturbing symptoms. To make matters worse, most of these chips are fried in harmful oils that cause inflammation within the body. Instead of these unhealthy varieties, treat yourself to an assortment of vegetable chips, such as zucchini and kale fries.

Is Eating Corn Bad for Weight Loss

8. Pizza

Commercially sold pizza varieties and frozen store-bought pizzas are incredibly unhealthy and they contain horribly unhealthy ingredients, such as toxic food additives, preservatives, and artificial dough conditioners, which give all pizzas a bad name. Basically, commercial pizza makers make pizzas from white flour that has been heavily bleached, and when it enters your body, it reacts just like sugar, leading to severe blood sugar spikes and rapid weight gain.

Processed cheese is another extremely unhealthy ingredient, because these heavily processed varieties pack up alarming amounts of saturated fats, which raise cholesterol levels and damage the heart.

Most Slices of Pizza Eaten

Avoid these unhealthy and processed pizza varieties, and fix your own homemade pizzas recipe with essential oils, beneficial herbs, whole wheat crust, superfoods, organic unprocessed cheeses, and healthy nutrient-rich sauces.



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