10 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore


8. Your poop has weird colours

Spotting an alien-coloured poop in the toilet is a sign of bad health, especially if the stool is greasy, light-hued of abnormally grey. Once again, we can trace the reason behind this bizarre poop colour to bilirubin, which the body naturally excretes through the bowels in the shape of stool, which is what gives our stool its dark brown colour.

However, when the tumour starts blocking the bile, the body is unable to pass on the bilirubin within your system, and it fails to exit the body with your poop. This causes a change in your bowel movements, along with changing the texture and colour of your stool.

Experts have ruled it out as one of the possible symptoms that indicate the presence of a pancreatic tumour, but it can also indicate other ailments, such as liver disease, or even gastrointestinal infection. Regardless of the ailment, spotting poop that is not dark brown is a sign of a serious health problem, and you need to consult your doctor ASAP if your stool starts floating around in the toilet or appears to be persistently pale.

Pancreatic Cancer Poop

9. You have an aching tummy without any obvious reasons

If you stomaching has been hurting and you can’t seem to explain the reason to your doctor might seem odd, but this is exactly the type of unobvious pain that is one of the earliest signs of pancreatic cancer.

Since the pancreases are tucked away at the back of your lower abdomen, right behind your stomach, developing a tumour in this location can lead to the development of a low-key yet persistent pain in the stomach, regardless of your diet and consumption.

Sharp Pain in Side of Stomach



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