10 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore


6. Your urine appears as dark as tea

Dark-hued urine that looks a lot like tea is considered a sign of excessive dehydration, but it is also considered to be one of the earliest signs of jaundice. Since the tumour doesn’t allow much bile to be excreted, the bilirubin levels within the blood raise alarming, and the urine starts to take a brownish colour.

If you cannot seem to bring back the normal light-yellow shade of your urine by drinking lots of water, chances are, you might be suffering from jaundice, which is one of the early signs of pancreatic cancer. So, be sure to get your urine examined without delay.

Pancreatic Cancer Urine Color

7. The Itching Doesn’t Seem to Stop

Feeling extremely itchy all-over your skin, to the extent that you just can’t seem to stop itching yourself is considered one of the earliest symptoms of both, pancreatic cancer and jaundice.

Research reveals that when the bilirubin starts to accumulate up inside the skin, it can lead to the development itching before it even begins to turn yellow.

Often, patients have complained of itchiness, only to reveal yellow skin upon examination. So, if you seem to experience a great deal of itching without any specific cause, such as allergic reaction to a product or a bug bites, and it doesn’t seem to go away with the help of a soothing lotion, consult your doctor right away.

Itchy Skin Liver Cancer



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