10 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore


4. You’re experiencing unexplainable weight loss

If you’re dropping weight without trying or can’t seem to figure out the reasons behind rapid weight loss, it might be a sign of something sinister.

Pancreatic cancer causes loss of appetite, which can contribute to speedy weight loss, usually causing more than 5% loss of your body weight within the time frame of six months or a year. If you can’t seem to explain this unintentional weight loss, you need to get yourself examined.

Pancreatic Cancer and Weight Loss

5. Your lower back is constantly aching

When the pancreatic tumour continues to grow, it exerts a great deal of pressure upon the internal organs, along with causing a great deal of harm and pressure on the lower spine and back muscles, which leads to the development of a persistently dull ache.

Women tend to experience lower back pain each month along with their menstrual cycle, so, it can be difficult to different whether your regular lower back ache and soreness is because of excessive exercising at the gym, the PMS cycle, or something deadlier.

If your pain is persistent, and if doesn’t seem to go away even after your period has ended, be sure to get it examined by your doctor immediately.

Cancer That Causes Lower Back Pain



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