10 Warning Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never Ignore


2. You look bloated enough to appear pregnant

Experiencing minor symptoms of bloating after consuming a particularly large meal is a normal occurrence, but bloating that persists for several days is an indication of trouble. When the pancreatic tumours begins to grow larger in size, they make the stomach distend.

This is one of the earliest symptoms to occur amongst women, who don’t consult their doctors because bloating doesn’t usually seem like a serious condition. Even if it isn’t pancreatic cancer, persistent bloating could be a sign of other ailments, such as digestive trouble, inflammation and even ovarian cancer.

Remember, precaution is the first step to prevention.

How To Tell If Your Bloated

3. The most indulgent of treats no longer seem appetizing

If you can’t seem to devour your favourite foods and desserts that you once adored, consider it a symptom because loss of appetite is one of the earliest symptoms of pancreatic cancer. This happens because when the tumours begin growing inside the abdomen, they exert a great deal of pressure upon the other organs surrounding the abdomen, particularly the stomach.

This explains why your stomach turns at the sight of food, you feel full even when you haven’t eaten for several hours, along with feeling nauseous and weary. Patients even report that eating causes them a lot of pain.

Malignant Pancreatic Cancer



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