5 Best Foods For Your Bones

Your body’s complete structure is based on your bones. They not only protect the vital organs of your body (for example, your heart and brain) but also help you in maintaining stability, performing movements and basically, the complete framework of your body depends upon your bones. To make your bones healthy and strong, you need to eat healthy food and spend some time exercising.

Katherine Tucker, PHD, who is Tufts University bone researcher, says that there is a constant process of building up and breaking down in healthy bones and they require specific nutrients, besides vitamin C and D to maintain that balance.

Sources of Calcium other than Milk

Some of these important nutrients to improve your bone health are mentioned below:

1. Proteins

Proteins are very important nutrients for bone health as they play a vital role in the formation of the base of the bone. They create a platform around which, healthy bones are formed. You should consume 46 to 56 grams protein per day. The best sources of protein are yogurt, lean beef, eggs, milk, soy and cheese.

To get the recommended protein intake per day, you can eat Cottage cheese (one cup contains 28 grams protein), ground Turkey (one patty contains 22 grams protein) and tofu (1/4 block contains 7 grams protein).

Protein for Bones Health