23 Foods That Could Help You Fight Cancer

Cancer is without doubt one of the scariest and strength depriving illnesses that, according to research, claims the lives of over 8 million patients all over the globe, and these death statistics are only expected to rise in the years to come.

Amidst all these terror-inducing tolls, when must also take into consideration that fact that nearly one-third of the deaths resulted due to cancer are caused by dietary risks and unhealthy behaviors. The truth is that despite the fact that cancer is a dangerous life-threatening disease, its risk and symptoms can still be eliminated if your preventive regime contains the essential nutrients present in superfoods.

We have compiled a list 23 healthiest foods that can help you create a highly effective cancer-fighting regime, along with enriching your body with a miraculous array of healing benefits and nutritious powers.

1. Gac fruit

Gac fruit is brimming with phenolic compounds and carotenoids, which are one of the most powerful cancer-fighting nutrients. However, this delicious fruit is extremely hard to find in the USA, so you can enjoy its extracts and products, such as gac powder, frozen fruits, gac oil, oil capsules or gac fruit juice perhaps. You may be able to find it in certain Asian fruit markets, departmental stores and online shops.

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2. Honey

Honey is the best natural sweetener to enrich your body with wondrous healing and invigorating nutrients. Research reveals that 1tsp. of tualang honey every day can help postmenopausal women bring about a marked improvement in their memory retention.

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